~ 20.7 acres with house in Salmon River Country ~

Pretty much everything you see above Doumecq Road is part of the property back to the farthest trees.

If you like remote living, without really being isolated, you will find this place very interesting. It is well suited for either a permanent residence or delightful getaway. Either way, the grandeur of Salmon River country will pump a lot of life into every day you're here.
The foundation of the house measures 28'X 32'. It was designed to be symetrical in profile but, from the photo at right, you can see that it is currently not. In the envisioned finished structure the right side has a shed roof like the one on the left, as a full length covered porch along the front of the house. Concrete bases for the porch's log supports are poured and the logs to produce a country cabin feeling are on site.

For water you could drill a well, the cost of which is reasonable in this area. A local well driller estimated that a 500' well (six inch) would run in the neighborhood of $8,100 (the drilling and 40' of steel casing). The ditch, pipe, wire and conduit to the house would be additional. On the Idaho Dept. of Water Resources website you can see data from nearby wells. On their site, follow the links to Well Information and enter the location (Township 28N, Range 1E, Sections 5&6). You will see data below, from wells within about a mile of this property.

When finished the house will be symetrical.

Interior of upstairs, before framing was finished.

One of the two 4'X 8' upstairs decks.
Nearby Wells
(Idaho Dept. of Water Resources)
Sometimes the wildflowers are just overwhelming.
Flow, GPM Total Depth, ft. Static Head, ft.
10 150 91
10 205 99
30 325 150
25 625 510
30 750 570

The "tank house".
A unique outside wall construction of the house comprises 4x4s locked together by 60-penny nails. You can see it here at left.

The original owner called the outbuilding his "tank house," probably because he kept several barrels in the upstairs room, from which he'd run water for drinking and bathing. Basically he camped out there while working on the house. Both floors of this 12'X 12' building could be used for storage or a guest facility. It would not be difficult to construct a covered sky bridge from the house to the outbuilding, allowing comfortable access to a remote bedroom or office. The upstairs room already has a tub and toilet that are hooked to the septic system.

The upright structure of the tank house is also unique made from steel members like the pallet racks in Home Depot.

Wildlife everywhere.

White Bird in spring.

Here, the property is to your left of the Elk Run Road.

Handmade shutters for the windows, a nice touch.

For the adventurous, for those who might want to run a few critters, who love nature and who cherish quiet, solitude and a sense of being on the edge of wild, this little patch of Idaho will light you up. But isolated? No. You're only 45 minutes from two hospitals, and satellite TV and internet bring the rest of the world right to you without the crowding.

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